What is IAC?

"Stimulating...balanced study of criminology and criminal justice"

The Illinois Academy of Criminology is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to stimulating the interest of its members and the public in a balanced study of criminology and criminal justice; promoting scientific inquiry research and publication; and presenting the results of relevant studies and research by means of lectures, addresses and publications

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the IAC?

You receive by e-mail, or US mail, announcements of all the meetings. There is admission at no cost to all regular meetings, except those which include meals. We also host institutes, which involve a registration fee, as well as any related room and board costs. You will also receive occasional mailings of material of professional interest, such as academy newsletters, summaries of the content of some of the academy programs, and special publications. Contact with others in the field is also a benefit, along with a prestige value in belonging to a respected professional organization.

Annual Dues:

General Membership: $45.00

IAC is Networking

IAC is a hub for current professionals and students interested in building a network in Criminal Justice.

IAC programming brings together professionals of all areas and degrees to improve careers and the criminal justice system in Illinois.

IAC is Balanced Debate and Discussion

Most Academy programs feature panels of three to five expert guest speakers who work in the area being discussed, or have knowledge of it from previous experience or special study. Administrators of correctional institutions, police departments, probation and parole systems, and private agencies in the field; practitioners at all levels in these organizations; and professors of criminal justice, sociology, social work and law are the most frequent participants. Also appearing from time to time are judges; physicians; legislators -- city, state or federal; newspaper writers; and convicted persons on probation or parole, or discharged.

Illinois Academy of Criminology Est. 1949 
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