Academy Member Publications

Below are just some of the publications by Academy members over the years.


Francis Allen Habits of Legality.jpg
Francis Allen Law Intellect Education.we


Gad J Bensinger.jpg
intro to soc.jpg

Co-Authored with Robert Ezra Park 


Daniel Glaser Crime and out changing soc
Daniel Glaser Evaluation Research and De
Daniel Glaser Preparing Convicts for Law
Daniel Glaser Profitable Penalties How T
Daniel Glaser Social Deviance.webp
Griswold An Eye for an Eye.webp
Jona's Book.png


Creasie Finney Hairston Children with Pa
Creasie Finney Hairston Kinship Care Imp


Fred E Inbau Criminal Interrogation and
Fred E Inbau Criminal Law and its Admini
Fred E Inbau Criminal Law for the Layman
Fred E Inbau Sceintific Evidence in Crim
Fred E Inbau The Truth and Deception.web


Nathan Kantrowitz Close Control Managing
Robert J Kelly and Jess Maghan Hate Crim
George W Knox An Introduction to Gangs.j


Richard Lindberg Shattered Sense of Inno
Richard Lindberg Return to the Scene of
Richard Lindberg Heartland Serial Killer
Richard Lindberg To Serve and Collect Ch
Joseph D Lohman The police and the commu
Joseph D Lohman The Police and Minority
Robert M Lombardo The Black Hand Terror
Robert M Lombardo Organized Crime in Chi
Arthur J Lurigio The Prevention of Crime
Arthur J Lugrigio Smart Sentencing The E
Arthur J Lugrigio Probation Officers Sch
Arthur J Lurigio Victims of Crime.webp
Arthur J Lugrigio The State Mental Patie
Arthur J Lugrigio Fighting Back Neighbor


Louis Enrique Martinez The Secret Deaths
Hans W Mattick Illinois Jails Challenge
Hans W Mattick The Unexamined Death An A
Norval Morris Maconochie's Gentlemen The
Norval Morris The Oxford History of the
Norval Morris Modern Policing.webp
Norval Morris Between Prison and Probati
Norval Morris Letter to the President on
Norval Morris The Brothel Boy and other


James F Pastor The Privatization of Poli
James F Pastor Security Law and Methods.
James F Pastor Terrorism and Public Safe


Charles H Shireman Social Work Practice
Charles H Shireman Rehabilitating Juveni
elvis 3 pub.jpg
Elvis Slaughter Safer Jail and Prison Ma
Elvis Slaughter Preschool to Prison.webp
Elvis' book.JPG
David Struckhoff The American Sheriff.we