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Panels and Presentations

Lincoln the Lawyer

Our latest program

Presented by IAC, The Illinois State Bar Association.



John A. Lupton

Executive Director

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation, 2009-present

Lincoln Legal Papers/Papers of Abraham Lincoln, 1991-2009


The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition

Front End Strategies for Criminal Justice Reform

Presented by IAC and The Joseph Loundy Human Rights Project. Hosted by Roosevelt University Chicago.


The presenters include:

Jac Charlier, Executive Director TASC

    Center for Health and Justice, Creating treatment             

    alternatives for mentally ill and addicted offenders.

Sharlyn Grace, Chicago Community Bond Fund,

    Providing alternatives to cash bail.


Ben Ruddell, Director, Criminal Justice Policy,

    ACLU of Illinois, Reducing penalties for certain drug                offenses.     

Tragic but Not Random: Using Network Analysis to Understand Gun Violence

Presented by IAC and hosted by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.


Andrew Papachristos,

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology,

Yale University

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Academy Presentation Topics and Locations



  • Cook County Morgue

  • DePaul University College of Law

  • Edgewater Beach Club 

  • Elmhurst College 

  • Chicago-IIT Kent College of Law

  • Feinberg School of Medicine (Northwestern University)

  • Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

  • Institute of Forensic Medicine 

  • John Marshall Law School

  • Loyola University (Water Tower Campus) 

  • Loyola University (Lake Shore Campus) 

  • Loyola University School of Law 

  • Northwestern University Law School

  • Oakton Community College 

  • Union League Club

  • University of Chicago Law School 

  • University of Illinois at Chicago 

  • Robert Morris University 

  • Roosevelt University

  • Wright College

  • The Mentally Ill Offenders *

  • Police Suicide *

  • Police Manpower Death Penalty

  • Sentencing Reform (Early Release) *

  • Juvenile Justice *

  • Tattoos and Gang Violence *

  • Disconnect between Sentence Severity & Deterrence *

  • Twenty-First Century Policing

  • Front-End Strategies (Deflection, Defelonization, Bail) *

  • Biological and Chemical Weapons *

  • Journalism and the Criminal Justice System *

  • Legalized Concealed Carry

  • Prosecutorial Misconduct

  • Legalization of Medical Marijuana

  • What Makes a Good Judge?

  • What Makes a Good Prosecutor?

  • Lincoln as Lawyer *

  • Looting and Rioting (Post Katrina)

  • The O. W. Wilson Award for Police Leadership

  • The Norval Morris Justice Award

  • Globalization, the Economy and Crime * 

  • Tragic, But Not Random:  Network Analysis of Gun Violence *

  • Restructuring the Criminal Court – Appleseed Study *

  • American Jails:  On the Frontier of Reform *

  • Monitoring Stop and Frisk (the ACLU effect) *

  • Researching Chicago Gangs *

  • The Cutting Edge of Mental Health and Criminal Justice *

  • WINGS Court (Women in Need of Gender Specific Services *

  • The Cost of Wrongful Convictions *

  • The Real C.S.I.

  • Honoring Judge George Leighton

  • Bail Reform

  • Professional Report Writing

  • Federal Prison Warden

  • Analyzing the Chicago Police Department Consent Decree

  • The Egan Report on Commander Burge

  • Jail Overcrowding

   * Treatment Alternatives
        for Mentally Ill and
        addicted offenders.


* Presentation of Original Research

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